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The beaches are located some kilometres from the city center. A taxi ride to the beach doesn't cost much.
Pirita Is the most famous beach in Tallinn, but it is near to harbour so water may be dirty and not warm. But there are good bicycle and skating roads. Or you can go for a romantic walk by the seaside and watch the sunset.

Stroomi Beach is at Northern Tallinn and a popular place to visit. The water is clean and warm.

Harku Lake is in West Tallinn it is a small lake that draws a lot of people. The swimming is not recommended.

Kakumäe beach is one of the youngest beaches in Tallinn. The water is almost the purest of all Tallinn beaches. You have to take a bus to get there.
Remember the flag system that regulates swimming. A green flag means it is safe to swim, a yellow flag means you can swim, but it isn't recommended and a red flag means swimming is not advised.

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