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With its world class opera and ballet, fine tradition of theatre and classical music, there's always something special. Many celebrations take place throughout the year in Tallinn and the biggest festivals often have a strong Estonian theme. If traditional performance arts aren't your thing, you'll be pleased to hear that plenty concerts. Festival-wise Tallinn also has a couple of strings in its bow, most notably the excellent POFF film festival and the riotous Sundance event.

Classical and contemporary music festivals are usually excellent and top-price tickets are never more than 200 EEK. In summer, a host of festivals take place outside the capital, especially in Pärnu.

The largest beer festival in the Baltics is Õllesummer. Õllesummer is like smaller Octoberfest, arranged in Tallinn every summer in June - July. Of course you what is the main thing to do in beer festival, but there is also a great programme of live entertainment including Estonian national music, rock, jazz, reggae and hip-hop. Bands and musicians perform on a number of different stages.

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