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One could get the impression that Estonians are party animals. As a small city, Tallinn has a s high number of bars and nightclubs. For you it means there’s more variety on offer.
Remember that you can't drink alcohol everywhere, only at the bar area or at home. And every county has own rules, when shops can sell alcohol, usually it is from 9 AM to 22 PM.
If it isn't so important for you to meen local people, go Amigo's nightclub. It is a nightclub in Viru keskus, usually full of finns. Next to Amigo, there is R.I.F.F, luxury bar from Finland. Estonians themselves are usually going to Panoraam, Hollywood, Terrarium, Bonnie&Clyde, Club Prive or Venus Club.
It is worth to visit a bar called Nimeta baar "Bar with no name", Stereo - cheap, very modern lounge, Molly Malones, Cafe VS. If you like to listen Depeche Mode, you should definately go to the bar with same name - Depeche Mode bar.

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