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Restaurant Peppersack in Old Town

You can find lot of different eating places all around Tallinn - Mexican, Chinese, African, lot of Italian, French and of course Estonian and Russian cuisine restaurants. In old town there is unique restaurant of Middle Ages called Olde Hansa. And garlic restaurant Balthasar. The most trendiest cafe-restaurants in Tallinn at the moment are Moskva, Stereo lounge and bar Pegasus.

Maiasmokk café has been serving cakes, pastries and marzipan since 1864, and is Tallinn's oldest café, there you can taste really good Estonian chocolates and cakes.

Grandma's Place' is a wonderfully traditional and cosy old eatery that specialises in tasty local cooking. Other Estonian cuisine restaurants are Nimeta baar (Bar With No Name), Kuldse Notsu Korts, modern Restaurant ö, and Eesti Maja.
Famous restaurant with Russian cuisine is Troika.
In Viru keskus you can find tex mex restaurant Amarillo with its great fajitas, quesadillas and big steaks. Try also quite cheap pancake restaurant Bann Cook in Viru keskus.

In Tallinn, you can get the cheapest lunch in restaurant from 25-50 EEK(2-4 €). So don't expect that eating in McDonland's is cheaper, really it isn't. But in case you want to go, McDonald's is next to the Viru Gates, so it is easy to find. Hesburger is another fast food restaurant in Estonia.

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