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One of the most busiest searotes is the short journey from Helsinki in Finland to Tallinn. You can choose fast hydrofoil or catamaran, which takes you to Helsinki in 1.5 hours but cost more (15-50 € one way). You can also go by slow ferry, which takes you for 3.5 hours in storm or sun for half the price (starting at 10 €). Tallink and Viking Line now also have large faster ferries, which take about 2-2.5 hours.

The list of operators (Feb 2009):
Eckerö Line
– Large ferry (Nordlandia).
Linda Line – Small catamaran
Nordic Jet Line – Fast catamarans (Nordic Jet, Baltic Jet).
Tallink Silja – Large fast ferries (two hrs)(Star, Superstar, Superfast) and a slow ferry (Baltic Princess).
Viking Line – Large fast ferry (Viking XPRS).

Remember that the traffic of catamarans depends of weather. Catamarans are not in traffic in winter. But how long time, it depends is there ice or not. Large catamarans and all ferries can also carry cars.

There is also traffic to Sveden, Russia and Germany. It's very popular in Estonia to go 2-3 days for a cruise to Sweden or Finland. In the ship you can party all the night. There are many activities to do, for example sing karaoke, listen a consert, watch the show, dance or play bingo. Prices can be from 10 € to 100 € / cruise. There is also an age limit (18-25).

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