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There are lot of shops and shopping centres in Tallinn. You can find different shops from highest fashion and quality to second hands. Biggest malls are open every day from 8-9 AM to 9-11 PM. In Tallinn biggest malls are open even on Christmas. Smaller shops are opened from Monday to Friday, on Saturday shops will be closed earlier. On Sunday smaller shops are closed.

Some shopping centres in Tallinn:
Viru keskus - the main mall in Tallinn,
Tallinna Kaubamaja - big mall next to the Viru keskus,
Stockmann - expensive and luxury mall close to Kaubamaja,
Ülemiste kaubakeskus - a shopping center next to the Tallinn's Airport,
Norde Centrum - shopping centre close to the harbour,
Kristiine Kaubamaja, -  shopping centre in Kristiine area, about 3-5 km.from Old Town
De La Gardie - a mall in Old Town,
Melon - a mall next to Kaubamaja. You can find great clothes and shoes from outlets in Melon,
Rocca Al Mare kaubamaja,

The best places to find quality fashion are in elegant boutiques along Old Town’s Viru and Müürivahe streets.
Estonia is famous of handcrafts. Old town is the best place to buy handcrafts - Estonian folk patterns, carved wooden beer mugs, fun hats, juniper coasters and limestone candle holders.
It should not be a problem to pay with any bankcard or change money. There are lot of banks and cash machines all over Tallinn.
If you want to feel the 90's, go to the market "Keskturg" or "Balti Jaam". There are things, you may never seen before or you may think youself, "I didn't even know they make these anymore...".




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